cf DeMoNHuntS: [DeMoN] Outlet Stores and Info

[DeMoN] Outlet Stores and Info

Hi there, [DeMoN] Outlet has its first designers there. You cant miss this!!!  Awesome designs are waiting for you for 50L or less.

**Goth V.I.P.
**Brii Underground Wear
**RD Style
**Saba`s Fashion
**ZeitGeist Fashion
**No Salvation Designs
**Avro Wings

You are invited to visit us and enjoy them.

If you are a designer, there are some available place to your store. Just visit us or contact me.

Circe Draegonne.

[DeMoN] Outlet Info for Designers.

[DeMoN] is looking for designers!!!

We have a new project called [DeMoN] Outlet. If you are interesed please read our rules and just visit us there:

1.- You must respect number prims, if you exceed we will return them.
2.- Prices must be 50L or less, if we find some vendor over this price we will return it.
3.- Once you pay the box contact Circe Draegonne inworld to rezz your vendors.
4.-  Its needed new vendors every 4 weeks.
5.- There is 2 types of join us:
      * Wall:  You will have a wall to rezz your vendors.
                    10Prims are allowed.
                    Its 35L per week.
      *Shelf:  You will have a shelf to put your vendors.
                    8Prims are allowed
                    Its 20L per week.
6.- There is not limited time. You pay for the weeks you want be with us and you can renew when you want.
7.- First comes first serves. Due the low prices we do not reserve places.
8.- You dont need have a store inworld for join us.
9.- All the stores are welcome (expect BIB or franchises), but we are in a mature place please take care with the pics of your vendors.
10.- No refunds.

If you have some questions please dont hesitate ask me. Looking forward to hear about you.

Circe Draegonne